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Tratamiento de Spa

Anva Ohn-Bar PhD M.S. OTR - Biofeedback, EMDR, Consulta nutritiva

Erika M. Golde - Masaje tradicional tailandés

En Amirim hay extenso variedad de SPA y masajes. Le voy a mandar a ustedes detalle información después de la invitación - con email o fax.

Anand Sambhavya

The Alchemy of Tuning to your Natural Self: Healing with Flower Essences, Active Meditations, Tantra for couples. www.buddhafieldflowers.com, 972-52-4860131 http://www.youtube.com/user/sambhavya, Contact me in Facebook: Osho center


Tarot Card reading has forecast individual destiny since 14 AD. Here, at Amirim, the world of mysticism and the unseen will be introduced to you; also consulting. By appointment. Nechama Merav 972-4-6980559, 972-52-3716939.


Expertise in Chinese medicine, naturopath (32 years experience). Treatment of all diseases, weaning from smoking. 972-3-9645942, 972-4-8252142, 972-4-6989229


A variety of relaxing and pampering body massages in an enchanting atmosphere. Treatment for couples. Massage combined with aromatic oils, Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, warm stones, Ayur-veda, touch and sound therapy, Thai massage. Ora Suma – diagnosis and color consulting for illuminating quality and challenges to bridge personal growth and true realization of one’s potential. 04-6989848, 054-5295557


Pleasurable treatment combining massage, stretching and pressure for release and relaxation. Parallel treatment available for couples, also in guestrooms. The perfect birthday gift for your spouse. Lihi Hamiel, 972-4-6987346, 972-54-7662642.


Holistic massage combining aromatic oils combined with pressure shiatsu or reflexology for perfect pampering. Parallel treatment for couples available. Nachum Eynav 04-6990688, 050-7548346


A Spa that combines all the treatments of touch and beauty in a raised wooden hut overlooking a spectacular view. In the Spa – a giant-sized, pampering Jacuzzi for the young on the porch,, a dry Sauna that stimulates the bloodstream, and cleanses the body's waste matter. A double treatment room in which you can be pampered with a variety of massages by the best masseurs. A private room for facial treatments, body peeling – with intoxicating aromatic oils and salts, products of the house. A private cafe in which you can relax to pleasant music and a healthful snack. Dalia, 04-6989054, 052-2667249.


A blend of Reiki with touch therapy and reflexology. Holistic massage using etheric oils. Reiki – energy treatment for body and soul balance. Meditation workshops, and lectures on the New Age. Hava Yedey-El, 972-4-6990364, 972-50-8543224

Healing Touch

All types of massages. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 10:00-14:00, Monday, Thursday - 10:00-19:00, Friday - 9:00-11:00. 45 minutes - 100 ILS. Bella Or-Matzliyach 053-3452040.


Pampering, relaxing and releasing massage with oils. Massage combining gentle pressure and movement. Releases muscle and joint tightness. A couples’ experience: basic instruction in massage techniques. Personalized treatments using Feldenkrais method. Leah Wagner , 972-4-6989566


Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage with oils, reflexology. Possibility of treatment at guest home. Possibility of simultaneous treatment for couples. Eyal Tal, 972-4-6987018, 972-54-2030040

Yifat- treatments for body and soul

Swedish massage - relax the entire body and increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Deep Tissue Massage- uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. It's used for chronic aches and pain. Hot stone - a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client's body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. Pregnancy massage - slow and gentle massage therapy. 60 minutes- 250₪, 90 minutes- 380₪ (including hot stone). 052-8826963

Olive-Medicine Woman

Natural healing with the spirits of nature. Studying from Native American elders and in the Far East, Orit Baruch collects wild medicinal plants and makes natural remedies in traditional methods for healing of body & soul: shampoo for healthy hair, ointment & mask for shiny skin, powder for bright teeth, soaps for soft skin and many other remedies for holistic healing. We also recommend her spiritual consulting with cards reading and aura cleansing using Tibetan bowl and incenses. Healing the heart and soul with her nature guiding in Amirim. Website 054-7949149


Reflexology, workshops for couples featuring massages. You're invited to a unique experience for couples, which will enhance intimacy and togetherness, in an exciting mix of colors, aromas, imagery and touch. At the session you'll experience acceptance, giving and cooperation, and will receive useful tools for support and daily enjoyment. Your uniquely enjoyable experience is guaranteed. Holistic treatments, reflexology, workshops for creative visualization, holistic massage using varied techniques and etheric oils,. Work with landscape and Tarot cards. 04-6989202, 054-2022924.


Zen, Shiatsu, Twena (Chinese physiotherapy) treatments, Jon Shine, healing, yoga breathing, meditation, aromatic massages, reading of cards 04-6989208, 052-3745638.

SPA in the WOODS

Massage with aromatic oils in a romantic atmosphere, also using four hands. Variety of treatments in a charming wood cabin in forest. 50 shekels discount for a treatment for a couple – for our guests! Uri- 050-5332149, 972-4-6990666.

** Ohn Bar casa de huéspedes no se hace responsable de la exactitud o el correcto información, de información, el productos y el servicios representados en el eslabón externos y en el publicidad información que reciben. Toda persona necesite hacer une chequear y sí mismo comparición por el productos o servicios paraleles que esta oferten en el mercado, incluido precios actuales. Ohn Bar casa de huéspedes no es una parte por queda transacción que podría emanar de a utilizar algún Sitio en el Internet o el Sitio en el Internet que esta conectado con el, y alguien que utilizar en el eslabón hacer con el solamente responsabilidad. Para el motivo de retirar a un proveedor que hay no by al que las invenciones de conexiones ubican esto ubicar el otro de alguno recomendación ninguno es de parte de la Ohn Bar casa de huéspedes sobre su calidad y/o la calidad suya y/o del servicio y/o el producto que se ofreció en el sitio o en el material promociona que será enviados.

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The half-Olympic swimming pool of Amirim + separate heated pool for toddlers - is open. August - every day. From August 3 until 11:00 weekdays (Monday-Friday) - separate hours. Admission free for our vacationers!

Summer rates. Special discounts! - August -summer peak rates - 25% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 5 nights reservations from August 27 - Not applicable for reservations from Monday)!!
- 20% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 5 nights reservations. Minimum 4 nights reservations from August 27 - Not applicable for reservations from Monday)!!
- 15% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 4 nights reservations. Minimum 3 nights reservations from August 27 - Not applicable for reservations from Monday)!!
- 10% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 3 nights reservations. Minimum 2 nights from August 27 - Not applicable for reservations from Monday)!!
- 5% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 2 nights reservations)!!
- Additional discounts in August for weekend reservations until Sunday!! No discounts for reservations with check out on Saturday. - September - Autumn rates - 25% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 3 nights reservations - until Rosh Ha'Shana)!!
- 20% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 2 nights reservations - until Rosh Ha'Shana)!!
- 10% discount from the single night rate ( 1 night reservations - until Rosh Ha'Shana))!!
- Rosh Ha'Shana - Holiday rates - 10% discount from the single night rate (Minimum 3 nights reservations)!!

The Galilee streams are flowing and frothing, and all of Nature is painted in brilliant green!

Off-peak weekdays & weekends: discount for students, army civil servants, soldiers, and those who arrive with public transport. The discount is when booking for 2 nights at least. No discount during summer. chol hamo'ed & holidays.

Our loyal clients are getting a discount as returning guests. No discount during summer. chol hamo'ed & holidays.

New!!! We are committed to your health... Instead of the radiation hazards of wireless Internet, we've installed Internet lines infrastructure into each guest unit!

The Galilee streams are flowing and frothing, and all of Nature is painted in brilliant green! Come and see for yourselves!

An enchanting pathway directly from our territory through the natural forest to the nature reserve which surrounds Moshav Amirim has been opened.

New!! In all our cabins you will enjoy a fresh Italian coffee - Espresso machine + capsules, In the suits: Shachar, Shani, Choresh, HaEtz Hasagol, Habeer Haksuma, Kineret & HaBustan - Electric oven 43 liter.

NEW! For the benefit of those who are sensitive to air-conditioning (which had been installed in all our guest units), and for those favoring energy conservation - fans are now in every room!.

New!! A Laundry Room with washing machine & dryer is now available to you for a moderate fee. The used water will integrate into our recycling system and after filtering will be watering our fruit orchard.

No double discounts.

Please note: We will enter your unit every other day between 10:00-13:00, for clean-up and fresh towels, only if you are booked for four or more nights.

Guest are requested to arrive before 21:00, unless other arrangements had been mutually agreed upon in advance.

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