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Сад и двор

Наш двор построен в виде разноуровневых террас, между которых расположились уютные бревенчатые домики, деревянные номера-люкс и комнаты для гостей. На мягкой земле, среди авокадо, ягод, мандаринов и инжира построена детская площадка для игр, где можно ползать, карабкаться и съезжать с горки. Среди гранатовых, апельсиновых и инжирных деревьев висят гамаки, а под навесом стоит стол для настольного тенниса для подростков и взрослых и расставлены скамейки для отдыха. Возле пеканового дерева есть вымощенный плитами уголок для баскетбола, выходящий на Голанские высоты (не попав в корзину, мяч рискует оказаться в ручье Амуд...). Неподалёку от баскетбольного уголка, под инжирными деревьями и вьющимися побегами, есть вымощенный плитами дворик с великолепным видом и уголками для отдыха и еды. Он подходит для пар и семей (включая семейные торжества). А рядом с двориком простирается обширный газон, выходящий на Киннерет, где можно посидеть, поползать и позагорать...

На южном склоне, под скалой, расположены террасы с широким разнообразием оранических фруктовых деревьев и овощных грядок. По предварительному заказу мы с радостью покажем и расскажем Вам о нашей вегетарианском образе жизни, включая дегустацию съедобных растений и трав.


As featured in TimeOut Israel Travellers' Choice 2013-2018 - Top 20 B&Bs and Inns in Israel, Top 25 in the Middle-east We are a vegan-friendly business!
Contact Us This is a contact form only; Your booking is valid only after receiving a confirmation message in return. If you didn't get a confirmation, your booking isn't validated and you'll need contact us via phone/whatsapp.

News & Deals
  • Very low prices until back to normal!!

  • After Summer deals - from 1/9/19 until 30/6/20- not including the holidays - all year around low rates - special discounts for 2 nights and up reservations!

  • Holidays deals - low holidays rates - special discounts for 3 nights and up reservations!

  • During holidays, 3 night minimum stay is required. (1 or 2 nights stays based on availability).

  • In the holidays, you can enjoy the 2 & 3 nights deals - if you check-in from Sunday or from Tuesday or from Thursday. No check-out on Saturdays.

  • The village half-Olympic swimming pool is working during September - every day for few hours - free access to our guests.

The Galilee streams are flowing, and all of Nature is painted in brilliant green!

Off-peak weekdays & weekends: discount for students, army civil servants, soldiers, and those who arrive with public transport. Excluding special discounts - no discounts during summer. chol hamo'ed & holidays. No double discounts & deals.

In Rosh HaShana and Sukot - you can enjoy our 2 & 3 nights deals -only if you check-in on Sunday, or on Tuesday. No check-out in Saturday.

New!!! We are committed to your health... Instead of the radiation hazards of wireless Internet, we've installed Internet lines infrastructure into each guest unit!

The Galilee streams are flowing and frothing, and all of Nature is painted in brilliant green! Come and see for yourselves!

An enchanting pathway directly from our territory through the natural forest to the nature reserve which surrounds Moshav Amirim has been opened.

New!! All the double beds mattresses were upgraded (200 X 160 c"m)!!

New!! We celebrate the fruit trees holiday (T"U Bishvat) all year around! A plate with dried fruits on the house!!

New!! Fresh Italian coffee - Espresso machine + capsules in all units. Large electric ovens in all cabins. Biodegradable corn based trash bags!

NEW! Energy conserving fans installed in every room for those who prefer it over the AC (also present in every unit).

New!! Laundry Room with washing machine & dryer is now available (moderate fee). Used water from showers, sinks, laundry & Jacuzzies, integrates into our filtering system watering our fruit orchard.

Mid-visit clean-up for 4 night minimum stays, every other day 10:00-13:00.

No admission past 21:00, unless arranged in advance. The payment for your stay in the cabin, will take place in check-in.

Guests with dogs need to inform and confirm in advance a room with a yard, conditional upon dog: being quiet, won't disturb other guests and won't go on the furniture (carpets will be stowed away and you are asked to bring their own bed).

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