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We'll be happy to get your impressions from your stay at our guest units. We have dozens of guest books filled with such impressions. Here are some recent sample entries from our guests.
Would you like to become part of history and leave your mark in our guestbook?
Write us:

To the Ohn-Bar family, All of us were here, and enjoyed ourselves heartily; the rooms, one nicer than the other, the attention to details, impeccable taste, and personal care were indeed heartwarming. We couldn't have enough! We'll recommend, and many thanks! Nati, Rona, Lihi, Keren, Asaf, Tor and Klil.

It was simply great! Your place is stunning in its beauty! Your professional, quality service given with such friendliness! Thanks for everything, we'll meet again soon, Ron and Vered.

To the Ohn-Bar family, Prepare your biggest tzimmer – for the next time. The children also need this enjoyment. Thank you for the enchanting, pastoral hospitality, Gili and Shai.

To Ohn-Bar, It was simply enchanting to celebrate a 60th birthday – we enjoyed every minute. Many thanks, Judy, Hugo and Asaf.

To the Ohn-Bar family, The biggest gift I could present to my wife (and indeed to enjoy myself as well) – Endless internal and external quiet. Many thanks, Havatzelet and Shai.

To Anva and Ohn Bar, It was marvelous! In enchanting [Ginat Egoz](egoz), with a sunporch as a surprise bonus (above and beyond expectations). Thanks, and with hope that you too sometimes enjoy a good vacation... Hkroatzim (when we will change the name - we'll keep you informed...).

To the Ohn-Bar family, Thanks... We enjoyed ourselves immensely and had a great time, a quiet head-cleaning. We were happy to meet such a wonderful family. Our warmest recommendations to everybody, and keep up the great hospitality. Liat and Shimi.

To the Ohn-Bar family, We had great fun, and even saw two films. You've invested much in the place and the accessories, all fitting in with the enchanting atmosphere. The hosting was great and we definitely "cleaned our heads" --- and will recommend to our friends!! Thanks, Merav and Ohad.

To the Ohn-Bar Family, Thank you for your hospitality, which we greatly enjoyed. With such a climate, the place looks like Scotland. Hoping to see you again, Ilan and Olga.

To the Ohn-Bar family, You touched us ... and we truly enjoyed ourselves. You've got an enchanting place. Happy holiday, Shoshi and Moshe.

To the Ohn-Bar family, Thanks for your help in arranging the surprise. It was quiet, peaceful. yet energizing for going on. Many thanks, Yuval and Tami.

To the Ohn-Bar family, It was wonderful! The pampering tzimmer and the stunning view made for the precise winning combination of a marvelous vacation for couples. Many thanks, the Fisher family.

Thanks so much! We enjoyed the hospitality, the view, the films and especially the quiet. You gave us an unforgettable peaceful weekend. Will warmly recommend, especially the
scenery and the ["Elinof" unit](eleynof). We're sure to return. Roi and Adi.

Thanks so much for the great hospitality. It was fabulous to wake up every morning to the sparkling view of the Kinneret. Hoping to come back soon, Lisa and Yaron.

To the Ohn-Bar family, It was short but enchanting, a breathtaking view, quiet, and pleasant service. All promises definitely kept! Thanks and happy holiday, Gili and Dvora.

The plate from which I was served Overflows with a taste for more The place I find so pleasurable Will return me to its door. More power to you, Dovev Fried.

Dear Ohn-Bar Family, It was superb, and it was fun. The well-equipped room, so tastefully furnished, and the jacuzzi were great. We had privacy and all was enjoyed. May your spring continue to enchant you in full bloom. With thanks, the Nir family.

To the Ohn-Bar family, Thank you for the pampering and pleasant hospitality, with its thoughtful attention to the smallest details. A small taste of abroad here in Israel. We enjoyed everything, and will be happy to return. The Begejovsky Family.

Thank you, Ohn-Bar Family, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Had we known, we'd have come long ago, and now for sure, after being here, you'll see us many times. Many thanks, Sara and Israel.

To the Ohn-Bar family! Stunning rooms, complete privacy, magic atmosphere. A weekend that was over too quickly. Thank you, Oren, Moran and Lia.

Ohn-Bar, we took 5 tzimmers for an extended family, and enjoyed them very much. Thank you. Take care of the Galilee for us – we'll be back! Shefer family.

Here we were, a havura of 6 families that often go to tzimmers. We enjoyed ourselves ; one of the best tzimmers that we've been to. A beautiful place, well nurtured, with an atmosphere of serenity and fun. Gordon and Nissberg Families.

Ohn and Anva It's not our first time that we're guests here, yet each time our mouths are agape at the enchanting atmosphere, the scenery, the quiet and the serenity that pervade your place. Your hosting is great! Many thanks, we'll be here next year too. Motti and Etty.

Dear Ohn-Bars, We enjoyed ourselves very much, and had a super holiday. The "Shachar" unit is a winner! The Bentwich family.

We're left with a taste for more... it was an enjoyable and marvelous experience -- the hosting, the place, the people, the atmosphere... simply perfect! We want to come back soon! It made us personally feel good, and in general, we're happy for the connection with you. Many thanks, Lisa and Adi.

Dear Ohn-Bar family, Many thanks for the warm and heartfelt hospitality. A land of limitless possibilities...We enjoyed a relaxing and wonderful Shabbat in your tzimmer. Wishing you all good, beauty and happiness! Shaked, Orna and Lilach.

We love you!! David and Na'ama.

To the Ohn-Bars, An extraordinary experience, blending nature, quiet and a perfect tzimmer – you've thought of the finest details... We had a magic holiday at "Eshed". Many, many thanks. Have a good summer, Shimshoni.

Dear Anva and Ohn, Thanks for everything – your generosity and wonderful wholehearted service. Tova and I had a vacation of serenity, a very special atmosphere of quiet and such enchanting scenery – one can see from here hills covered with greenery and lovely forestry. We received an enchanting unit with every detail one could wish for. Thanks and more thanks for everything. Bless you -- -- may you have the strength and health for many many years, to host guests in such a wonderful place. Heartfelt thanks, Yankele and Tovush.

From the start we could spot well-organized, pleasant and good service from the detailed and clear information on the Internet. It was pleasant to be your guests and to stay in a place so well-provided with the finest details. Oded and Shula.

Ohn-Bar Family, it was fun, fun, fun. We enjoyed our stay, your hospitality and the scenery. Hoping to return. G-d willing, soon, Sa'ad Family.

As one who organizes hosting and seminars in France, I can attest to your high level of service, professionalism and warmth – it was wonderful and splendid. Many thanks, and all the best, Hoping to see you soon, Bloch family.

It was our first time here, but certainly not our last. Thanks for the marvelous service. Be seeing you, Benny, Heli and little Danielle.

To the Ohn-Bar Family, It was great to be your guest at your tzimmers. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we hate to leave, but what can we do – the holiday is over.
G-d willing we'll be back with our extended family. Many thanks, Binyamin and Ma'ayan.

To Ohn and the whole family! Many thanks for everything – from the enchanting room to the helpful advice. We enjoyed ourselves immensely! You are fabulous and generous, and it was fun, fun, fun. Shana Tova and Gmar Hatima Tova! Hugs, Niva and Yotam.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, beyond all imagination. We greatly enjoyed it, and it was fun, relaxing, serene and personal. Every moment was pleasurable and perfect. We'll be back. Freddie, Lukita, Gideon and Michal.

To the dear Ohn-Bar family! We spent two magical nights at "Ofek", it was great! We thank you and are already thinking of our return. The Eli Family.

To the Ohn-Bars, Thanks for the quiet and the serenity. We enjoyed every minute, and will be happy to repeat the experience again and again. Shana Tova, Shlomit and Hanoch Ron.

Shalom Rav, We again want to thank you for the pleasurable and special holiday and especially for the heartwarming small surprises (cake, fruit, pomegranates and more). Finally we even made peace with the cat.
Shana Tova and all good, Shlomit and Benjamin.

Anva and Ohn, We're happy to tell you that the enjoyment of our "first tzimmer experience" was complete. We rested, pampered ourselves, explored your enchanting area and it was simply tops, as a restful prelude to the approaching birth.
Ron and Adi.

To the Ohn-Bar family! Many thanks for the super hospitality and the wonderful treatment. We spent our vacation in the most enchanting, best possible, indescribable way. We'll be back, and for sure it will be soon, as you are unbeatable… Love, Raphael and Zehavit.

Many thanks for hosting us at your delightful place. Next time we come it'll be for a longer stay! Rachel and Justin.

Many thanks to the Ohn-Bars for the magic vacation – we just loved the rustic, green landscape. We'll send you a gift from Ireland! The Wisdom family.

Dear Ohn-Bar Family, It's four consecutive years that we've spent a weekend with you, and as usual, it's been delightful and restful, recharging us with great energy. We'll be happy to see you again next year. Continue hosting with the same energies. Dor-Hai and Zeidman families.

Dear Ohn-Bar Family, We sought quiet, serenity and time for loving, before the wedding. In the "Kinneret" unit overlooking the Galilean valleys, we enjoyed the homelike, warm atmosphere, the high-level pampering, and much hiking in the lovely neighboring villages. We enjoyed every second. Thank you for the treatment, the service and the hospitality. Many thanks for every minute, Tamar and David.

To the Ohn-Bar family! Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality. Indeed the tzimmer "Bat Harim" was as comfortable and as pampering as shown in the Internet website. G-d willing we'll be back, and we'll recommend it to our friends. Thanks, Tamir, Lizzy, and little Maya.

Dear Ohn-Bar Family, Thank you for the great hospitality at the Ofek unit. And partly because of you, we'll continue looking at the ofek/horizon. All the best, and blessings, Eran and Yael.

What a marvelous place to spend our first wedding anniversary! Dan and Iris.

We only hope that the photos we took will reflect your lovely, stunning place. Thanks for everything! Tami and Ben.

We're delighted that we got to Amirim! Our holiday with you was perfect, and we take with us moments of magic from the marvelous Elinof unit, the view from it, and the pampering comfort. Thank you for the warmth and the hospitality, and we hope to meet again soon. Shawn and Sarah.

Dear Ohn-Bar family, It was an experience that began with a weekend that was restful and ordinary, and turned into an unforgettable life-experience – because now we are engaged. Thank you for contributing an undeniable share to a very special weekend. Best wishes for success, Liron and Liraz.

To the Ohn-Bar family! Thanks for a wonderful, stupendous weekend! You have a lovely, enchanting place here; take care of it. Mickey and Tal.

Thanks! Marvelous as always, The Avrahami family.

To the Ohn-Bar family, Many thanks for a serene, enchanting weekend, for generous treatment, marvelous view and atmosphere. Aviv and Limor.

To the Ohn-Bar family, Many thanks for an enchanting, pleasant, serene and very warm weekend – not only in room temperature but in wonderful care and atmosphere! Yehudit and Aryeh.

To the Ohn-Bar estate, We're on our honeymoon… enjoyed ourselves immensely – a lovely, enchanting place, as if we're in another country We enjoyed the atmosphere, the scenery, the weather, and the pampering room – indeed an experience! Thank you, Adi and Asaf.

Anva, Ohn and family, We want to thank you for the devoted and pleasant hospitality… We enjoyed the atmosphere, the quiet and the lovely room. You helped us realize a great bar-mitzva! The girls loved the Jacuzzi, the movies, the porch with its spectacular view, and all this together made for great fun. Special thanks to Ofek for the inspiring tour which expanded our horizons… We promise to try cashew yoghurt, and to report on it. Hope to see you again soon. Yael,, Gil,, Avigail, and the crowd.

To the Ohn-Bars with all their progeny! You were generous, charming, warm, etc. We spent 4 amazing days with you, and enjoyed every minute with the homey features you bestowed on us! Bless you! We'll be sure to warmly recommend you! The Ben Shoshan familyץ

Ohn, Anva and family, Thanks so much for the wondrous hospitality! We very very much enjoyed it! You've built yourself a magic, wonderful world! We wish you happiness, serenity, health and success . The Broshin family.

Anva and Ohn, Shalom, We want to thank you for the enchanting weekend we spent with you. The quiet and the maximum privacy mixed with the beautiful view, all added to our serenity and pleasure. Your gift of pomegranate wine traveled with us till Haifa, where we celebrated with it together with friends. Hope to see you soon. Pictures will follow. In friendship, Jenny and Moshe.

Dear Ohn-Bar family! Thank you for the enchanting and dedicated hospitality. Your attention to small details, your good natures and glowing faces certainly upgraded our weekend from great to marvelous! Thanks and lehitraot, Dafna & Adam.

This will be an event remembered forever. Thank you for an enchanting weekend which ended with our engagement! The hospitality was wonderful, and everything was so pleasurable. Thanks, Moly and Natalie.

To the enchanting Ohn-Bars. Many thank for the wonderful hospitality and your infinite patience…We enjoyed ourselves so much, it was a pity the weekend was so short. That's how it is, good things finish too quickly. We believe we'll come again, next time with our kids. Of course, we'll recommend you everywhere. Continue just as you are. Yours with warmth, Yasmin, Gil'ad, Ricky and Itai.

Ohn, Anva, Thanks for an energizing and pleasurable weekend! It was absolutely wonderful… Thanks for the special efforts to be helpful (Ohn, hope you rested well today…), and making things easy… and for the greetings, the cake, the wine, and the parting gift. Yoram will add his professional recommendations in his area of volunteer activity (as member of executive council and in charge of the complaint department of "Negishut Israel" {Accessible Israel}).


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News & Deals

New! Now you can charge your electric car in our property (not for free)!

The Galilee streams are flowing, and all of Nature is painted in brilliant green!

Off-peak weekdays & weekends: discount - 3 nights minimum - our regular rates - for students, army civil servants, soldiers, and those who arrive with public transport. Excluding special discounts - no discounts during summer. chol hamo'ed & holidays. No double discounts & deals.

Free internet.

The low winter rates & deals until July 16, 2022!

Fresh Italian coffee - Espresso machine + capsules in all units. Large electric ovens in all cabins. Biodegradable corn based trash bags!

Energy conserving fans installed in every room for those who prefer it over the AC (also present in every unit).

Laundry Room with washing machine & dryer is now available (moderate fee). Used water from showers, sinks, laundry & Jacuzzies, integrates into our filtering system watering our fruit orchard.

Mid-visit clean-up for 4 night minimum stays, every other day 8:00-10:30.

No admission past 21:00, unless arranged in advance. The payment for your stay in the cabin, will charged on the morning of the arrival day.

Guests with dogs need to inform and confirm in advance a room with a yard, conditional upon dog: being quiet, won't disturb other guests and won't go on the furniture (carpets will be stowed away and you are asked to bring their own bed). The charge is 50 ILS. If you don't inform us in advance - the charge will be - 100 ILS.

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